Posted by: Ken Wheatley | April 12, 2007


Well, the first post went okay, so now that I’m on a roll, let’s keep it going…

Things are not always what they seem.

I’ve walked down the hall countless times and whenever I’ve looked up, the ceiling and walls always seem free of cobwebs. Then one day I turned on the recessed lights and was quite surprised to see this very intricate network of spiderwebs that had clearly been there a long time. Either that or I have spiders that are insomniacs and they work 24/7. It pays to have tan walls and ceilings.

I was more surprised (and a bit dismayed) at how I had missed something that obvious, being the trained observer that I am. After that episode I was on a mission to find out what other webs I had missed.

So as I went around the house turning on various lights it quickly became apparent that perspective, shaped by illumination, plays a big part in our daily lives. By changing how we look at something and shining the proverbial light on it from different angles, we will invariably see things that we hadn’t seen before. That’s the joy of discovery! Seeing that which was there all along.


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