Posted by: Ken Wheatley | April 19, 2007

Media’s responsibility to prevent workplace/school shootings

CNN has had non-stop coverage of the shootings at Virginia Tech for the past three days and, based on prior events, this type of saturation coverage will ensure copycat occurrances.

Every aspect of the shooter’s life is being displayed and dissected on national/international television. Many of the grief-stricken families are sharing their pain publicly. For any unstable, publicity seeking, retribution oriented person watching the endless hours of coverage, this will be a big draw for them. They too could attain the same level of sustained coverage if they follow in his footsteps. Forget “15 minutes of fame.” They’re looking at 15 hours of “fame.”

The media has to examine their role in contributing to the problem. They absolutely have to report the news, but is it necessary or desirable to parade “expert” after “expert”, victim after victim across the screen and in essence, glamorize what Cho has done? I’ve lost track of how many times his former English and Poetry teachers have been interviewed.

 And now that NBC has received tapes and photos from Cho, we’re in for another day or two of repeated displays and replays of that material.

When the next event occurs, we’ll see if someone raises the issue of media’s responsibility in that event.



  1. Ken, I agree with you 100% (Which is very rare!)

    You are one of the very few people out there speaking the truth other than myself. It’s my opinion that the media is directly to blame for these tragedies and will continue to be until they stop doing non-stop coverage on the shootings and start doing non-stop coverage on prevention!

    I am a man living in the 3rd generation of a family history of suicide and all my efforts to help “Society” (Better described as “Your-Socieity” because I am not a member nor will I ever be until my oppression is lifted) have been ignored by the “Society” and the leaders of “Your-Society” who lie and say they want to see these tragedies prevented.

    Here is the proof of ALL this:

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