Posted by: Ken Wheatley | May 28, 2007

Spa Palazzo

My daughter and I got to spend a few hours at the Spa Palazzo at the Boca Raton Resort and Club in Florida recently. Tammy’s birthday was coming up, so I wanted to treat her to something she’d like/enjoy versus just sending money. And of course I didn’t want to just sit in the lobby, so I treated myself as well.

 What a wonderful experience. With the exception of Jocelyn, the masseuse Sheila and I use back home, this was probably the second best spa or spa experience I’ve ever had. The look and “feel” of the facilities was very relaxing and inviting. The unique thing they have there – for just an additional $15 with the purchase of any other spa treatment – was out of this world. It’s 7 different water treatments, such as a menthol moisture room, a steam bath, a tub soak, and something that was wonderfully borderline torture. You climbed down into a semicircular tub that was just big enough for one person and you sit on a small seat and lean forward. Then the technican releases a constant torrent of water from above that comes down in one forceful, pounding stream, similar to a firehose and it beats the muscles in your shoulders and back into submission. It’s mildly painful, but wow, what a feeling of relaxation when you’re done!!

 Anyway, the next time you’re in Boca with a half day to kill, I would highly recommend this spa.


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