Posted by: Ken Wheatley | August 22, 2007


This is my first visit to Maui. Sheila’s been here at least twice before. We took Hawaiian Air from San Diego – a direct flight lasting about 5 hours. So we got to Maui around 11am and arrived at the Maui Prince hotel around 1:00. The hotel is not bad – a bit worn about the edges, but the staff are very nice. We booked the hotel through Expedia, and after booking through such services a few times now, I’m convinced that while we may get a good deal on the price, the hotel(s) reserves a “special” room for people that book through these services.

 The room we started out in (402) had a severe case of the moldy smell and it was the next to the last room on the floor. It was supposed to be a “slightly obstructed ocean view” and while they were technically correct that you could see the ocean, that was only possible if you stepped out of the room onto the balcony and stood in the far left corner. So between the smell and the “view” we requested, and received, a room change – one floor down and six rooms over. An improvement on the view, but we’re now almost directly over the luau venue, so we’ll be treated to the luau twice this week. More to come….


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