Posted by: Ken Wheatley | January 16, 2008

Sheila’s Journey 1/15/08

Today she had some pulmonary tests in the morning and then I joined her at Shiley Center for her P.E.T. scan in the afternoon.

We got there early and she changed into her black leggings and purple/white sports bra in order to be comfortable. The technician took her to a room and after checking her blood sugar (83 – very good) he injected her with the glucose/isotope mix. I had to leave the room at that point to avoid exposure to the radiation. I wanted to stay. I felt that if she was being exposed to it, then I should too. I was thinking this. The tech had made it clear that I had to leave the room so I knew that pressing the issue would be pointless. I at least held her left hand while he was putting the needle in her arm.

She had to sit still for 45 minutes in a big chair that slightly reclined while the mixture circulated through her body in search of cancer cells.  Her feet didn’t touch the floor. She reminded me of Lily Tomlin in that big rocking chair.

The time in the waiting room seemed to drag forever. After her 45 minute wait the procedure took about 15 or 20 minutes. An elderly woman who came in with her family after us couldn’t handle the confined space of the machine and had to leave.

Sheila hadn’t eaten since 9pm last night, so we were now at 18 hours. She was weak when she came out and looked drained. The tech brought out two juice boxes and some cookies. We made our way to Daphne’s. She was in the mood for a gyro.

We parted ways and she went back to her office to retrieve the new computer that I had bought on Saturday to return it. We had bought a lemon and she needed to exchange it for one that worked. It’s a beautiful black MacBook.

Tonight we watched “Denny Crane” on Boston Legal defend a woman who had killed her husband with a shovel. Sheila lasted until a little after 9pm and she was falling asleep while writing in her blog. So I got her off to bed.

It’s tough to see her so tired. She rarely goes to bed before midnight. But she’s been getting tired earlier now. I think it’s mostly stress. We know that the results of this test are huge. And we won’t find out until Friday. That seems like an eternity from now. I pray that the results are negative. I don’t know how we would handle hearing that the cancer has spread and she has other tumors. Mary, one of her sisters, is coming down to be with us.


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