Posted by: Ken Wheatley | January 17, 2008

Sheila’s Journey 1/16/2008

A relatively quiet day for once. A “normal” day.

The tension however sits in the stomach like the knot you feel before a big exam. She got a call from the radiology oncologist’s office today moving her appointment up to tomorrow instead of Friday.

At first I was relieved to be having the appointment earlier so that we can find out the results of the PET scan, but then tonight I got to thinking, “what if the news is bad and they want to get her in sooner than later?” What a thought. Under the circumstances you can’t help but being suspicious of these changes and not just take it on face value. I’m so scared for her. Clearly, I don’t want any more bad news for her. We need to turn the corner on this.

Ironically I got an email this morning about Jack Kelly. His cancer has returned and he’s back in the hospital. Poor guy. I just saw him at OSAC in November and he looked fine and said he felt great.

Tonight Sheila is wearing my fuscia henley shirt. She likes to wear my clothes. It’s tough to see her like that because it reminds me how loving she is and how close we are and how I can’t be without her.


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