Posted by: Ken Wheatley | January 20, 2008

Sheila’s Journey 1/20/08

I haven’t been able to write for a few days. It’s been too difficult. The hospital called us in a day early to get the news about the P.E.T. scan. We knew that couldn’t be good. When do you ever get a call from a hospital just because they have an earlier opening? So we weren’t expecting good news and it wasn’t. On Thursday they said she was definitely at stage 3B. The cancer has spread to the lymph nodes from her neck to her waist. And it’s probably in her bones. There’s a hotspot on her spine near her tailbone, so they have to do a bone biopsy on Wednesday. It doesn’t change the treatment plan, but it impacts her prognosis for recovery. Surgery and radiation is not an option at this point because the cancer is too extensive. So chemo is where we start. At the moment we’re scheduled to start on the 30th, but we’re going to call on Monday and see if she can get in on Monday, the 28th. Sheila’s anxious to get started. Especially because she’s been in pain in her lower chest and she’s having increased difficulty talking. She’s losing her breath/voice.  So that’s adding to our fears. Even though the doctor said it’s incurable, it’s still treatable. So it’s just got to work. I’m a nervous wreck. I want to “fix” her. I want this to go away. What else can we do? Where else should we look for help/information? People have sent us information on all manner of alternative (aka non-FDA approved) “cures.” I’m trying to screen depressing news and shows from her, but it’s difficult. “ER” is difficult to watch, as is “Gray’s Anatomy,” one of her favorite shows. I was reading the Sunday paper to her and started to read the article about Suzanne Pleshette passing away, but of course had I read ahead I would have seen that she died of lung cancer after being diagnosed a year ago. Fortunately I was able to not tell Sheila that and she didn’t ask. That was a close one. I’m trying to “fatten” her up – the medical oncologist said that she’ll lose weight once she starts chemo, and she doesn’t have much to play with as is. Being too fit has its downsides in cases like this.


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