Posted by: Ken Wheatley | January 27, 2008

Back from a short break

Friday didn’t start out too well, and I’ve been swamped keeping up with stuff, so I took a break.The “plan” was for Sheila to go into work Friday morning but she woke-up with a headache and nausea. So my plans changed as well. I was going to go to my office and then head down to her office to lay-off Caylynn and hold the all employee meeting in the afternoon.So instead I got her set-up in the big chair in our bedroom, built a fire, fixed her some cranberry/seltzer to drink to settle her stomach (seems like an odd combination to me, but that’s what she wanted and it worked), and gave her the headsets and my iPod to listen to. She always comments about my music and doesn’t get a chance to really listen, so this was her chance.I left and met with Caylynn. It went better than I thought, but laying someone off is never easy, no matter how much you steel yourself. She’s been with the company 15 years.The meeting with Sheila’s employees went okay too. They were shocked to finally find out what’s happening with her. And of course, they’re all pulling for her complete recovery. I explained about the layoffs and that we’re also cutting customers that don’t bring in money, but are a drain on our resources. That was received well. So we’ll see. They have a renewed sense of commitment.Yesterday, the 26th, was my birthday, but it was low key. Two of Sheila’s nieces, Lauren and Jackie, came yesterday afternoon to stay with us and they’ll be leaving today. All of us, including Steve, my buddy from the Bureau, went to dinner at Claim Jumper. So it was nice to get out, laugh and escape from what we’ve been dealing with. Sheila looked a bit tired at dinner, but in good spirits.Tomorrow we go for the second opinion at UCSD with Dr. Basynova. It’s doubtful that she’ll have anything revolutionary, or contrary to say, but it’s important to get other viewpoints.  


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