Posted by: Ken Wheatley | February 13, 2008

Round Two Begins

It’s 2:25am on Wednesday morning, the 13th of February. Sheila’s been asleep for a couple of hours, at least. She was struggling to stay awake while we were watching tv.

I obviously can’t sleep. Twelve hours from now she’ll be in the chair at Scripps hooked-up to the bag again getting two doses of drugs. It’ll probably be about three hours I’d guess. The one drug causes pain in your forearm, so they have to regulate the “drip” to minimize the pain.

We ended-up at urgent care last Friday after work. She suddenly couldn’t walk on her left foot one morning and it just kept getting worse. They’re not sure what it is – possibly a bone spur. But of course, you can’t help but have your mind independently link each and every ailment now to the cancer. She’ll get that checked again tomorrow after chemo, I guess. She started using the boot that I had to use for almost a year when I had the plantar problem.

I was telling a friend the other day that my blog has been taken over by Sheila’s disease. There are other things for me to write about, but they all seem so meaningless in comparison. Plus I think that people who come to the site are looking for stuff about how we’re coping with the treatment and prospects hanging over our heads.

Quite frankly, I’m worn down thinking about it and worrying about “it.” That has nothing to do with Sheila. Of course I’m passionately concerned about her wellbeing and recovery. Strange as it may sound, it’s really like two entities – Sheila and the unwanted visitor that’s invaded her body. I look at them as two separate….individuals. Obviously the tumor isn’t a person, but in some ways it has its own, separate personality. Evil comes to mind.

We’re going to a USD basketball game with Jean this Saturday. It’ll be good to get out. We really haven’t done anything fun in awhile. A motorcycle ride with Gordon a few weeks ago has been about it.

Well, I’m finally starting to fade, so I’ll hit the rack for a few hours sleep.


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