Posted by: Ken Wheatley | March 22, 2008


Well, Sheila finally got a room at 3am today, 12 hours after first checking in. Fortunately they had a “room” in the ER so at least she wasn’t kept in the waiting room, or in the hallway on a gurney like some others.

They started her on the new antibiotic and painkillers, so she got sleepy pretty quickly. I couldn’t spend the night because she’s sharing the room with another woman. So I left around 3:30am and thought I’d sleep in Sheila’s car and then come back in when visiting time started, at 7am.

That lasted until about 5:30. I woke up freezing and sick to my stomach. I knew that I couldn’t continue to sleep in the cold and I didn’t want to run the engine to warm the inside of the car, so I decided to drive home in my car and come back later.

I made it home in time to get very sick. I don’t know what was upsetting my stomach, but I haven’t been that sick in quite some time. I laid down for an hour and Gordon texted me (how 21st century) to check on Sheila.  I did a load of wash, grabbed some grapes and Sheila’s laptop and headed back to the hospital.

When I got here around 11am, Sheila was very happy to see me. Even with all that she’s got going on the connection between us is still electric. It was so pleasing to see the big grin on her face when she saw me. I did a quick scan of her body and noticed that they put a cuff on each leg extending from her knees to her ankles. It’s to prevent blood clots.

The doctors told her during rounds this morning that her liver enzymes are elevated, so they’re looking into what’s causing that. Gosh, what else can go wrong?

She had breakfast, but I also brought her a bagel with cream cheese in case she didn’t want “hospital” food.

They were supposed to have moved her to a single room this morning, but that appears to have fallen through the cracks, so I reminded the nurse, Puri, about the request. She’s going to check with the charge nurse.

She’s on alternating doses of Vancomycin and Zosyn.

They have to change the IV in her right hand because it’s causing too much pain. It’s amazing how many “sticks” she’s received since January. Something we didn’t know, chemo causes your veins to get brittle and collapse easier, so quite often when they try to draw blood it trickles out and then stops. They have to keep trying other veins until they find a usable one. So far, this nurse is on her second attempt. The first one didn’t flow.

Karen, one of Sheila’s sisters, is supposed to stop by shortly. But looking at the time, I don’t think it’s going to happen. She starts work at 1pm and it’s 12:35 now. Oh well….


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