Posted by: Ken Wheatley | March 22, 2008

ER Room 9

It’s 11:20pm on Friday the 21st. Sheila’s been at the hospital since about 3 and in the ER since 6:30 or so. I got here around 8:30.

She’s been sick all week with little improvement and she started coughing up blood again yesterday. She was originally scheduled to come back next Tuesday for follow-up tests, but I was insistent that she call the doctor today because she hasn’t really improved since last week. So the doctor had her come in this afternoon to run some tests to see what was going on.

The chest x-ray showed that the pneumonia has worsened, so it’s apparent that the antibiotics they gave her to use since last Thursday aren’t effective. So her doctor consulted with the doctors from infectious diseases and they decided to admit her to Thornton.

For the past few hours, while we wait for a bed in the hospital, we’ve been in the ER while they run ultrasounds and do several blood draws. She’s dehydrated, tired and irritated. I stopped on the way in to get Chinese food for her so that we wouldn’t have a repeat of last week’s marathon ER session without eating. 

They told us about an hour ago that they found a bed for her, but we’ve been waiting for the infectious disease doctors to stop by and see her before she goes upstairs.

I’m tired and sick. I went to the doctor yesterday because I’ve been coughing and running a light fever since last Thursday. I crave a cough-free deep sleep night. Maybe 12 hours or so. I’m probably just run down and picked up a virus along the way. When we get to her room I’ll take my cough medicine and hopefully be allowed to sleep in her room. I don’t want to go home without her. Or to leave her alone. She likes me to be around when she wakes up.

Well, the waiting game continues. Not sure how much longer it’ll be before they get here.


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