Posted by: Ken Wheatley | March 25, 2008

Back Home – Yeah!!!!

I spent the day and night yesterday at the hospital. They gave me a “lawnchair” to sleep on, but as the doctor said this morning: “you don’t go to a hospital to sleep.” They were in every couple of hours poking and prodding and giving her more antibiotics. So neither of us slept well or much.

We saw no less than 6 doctors over the three days and the general consensus is that the blood clots damaged her lower right lung and she also developed pneumonia in the same location as the clots.

So it’s become a Catch-22 situation. And in a refrain we’ve heard all too often, they’ve done everything they can for her in the hospital, and unless she wanted to stay another day for observation they were going to pack her off with drugs and send her home. At the time she was still in pain, still nauseous and very tired, but we decided that going home would be preferrable to another night in the hospital.

So we “checked-out” late this afternoon with her morphine and next round of antibiotics in tow.

When we got home we put our stuff down and sat on the couch, “just for a few minutes.” Those few minutes turned into two hours when we immediately fell asleep intertwined. We were obviously exhausted. But I also believe that finally being able to be physically close with each other was the bigger reason we fell so quickly to sleep. We were finally in our safety zone. Our cocoon. It was the best sleep I’ve had in days.

She’s showered and all comfy back on the couch, bundled up in her favorite blanket and her favorite pj bottoms. 🙂 Still tired and nauseous, but glad to be home.

They have to suspend her chemo treatment again this week, so while we know it’s unavoidable, we certainly haven’t forgotten about the bigger problem that still awaits our attention.

But for now, my very precious, very missed life partner is back home, and we’re looking forward to sleeping together tonight.


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