Posted by: Ken Wheatley | May 20, 2008


I appreciate all the calls and concerns about why I’ve disappeared from my blog.  Sometimes you just have to take a break from these things. Writing is a double-edged sword. It’s an outlet, but it’s also more time spent dwelling on unpleasantries that at this point I have little control over.

To the degree that Sheila’s been keeping her blog up-to-date you know that she’s been having challenges with keeping her white blood cell count high enough to enable her to get treatment. She missed one or two rounds and got half a dose two weeks ago. So while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having her back – no nausea or fatigue – there’s been an underlying tension knowing that we’re not done. And we can’t plan anything beyond a week or two.

We’ve had a couple of great weekends. She’s been laughing much more, working outside in the garden for hours and in general being her old self. It’s been so long that we’d forgotten the joy of simple pleasures.

Today we’re back at the hospital and the great news is that her wbc is back up and she can get treated today! I’ve been dreading today and slept terribly last night. I’m so glad that the news is so good. We’re waiting for the Gemzar and Carboplatin (“the cocktail) to arrive from the pharmacy. In the meantime she’s wrapped up in the purple quilt that Toni made and gave her back in January and reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love.”

While I’m thinking of it, I’ve been remiss in thanking those that have been sending cards to Sheila and/or commenting on her blog. Margaret has been especially wonderful in sending a card every week since this all started. You don’t know how much that means to her, and even on the bad days she always breaks into a big smile when the mail arrives and Margaret’s card is in the stack. I get such a kick out of seeing her face light up.

Next week will be her last chemo treatment for this initial phase. Then we get the CT and PET scans the first week of June and the report of how all these months of treatment have affected the tumors. We’re confident that they have been reduced. It’s just a matter of how much.

So we’re looking at a break of one to three months before she starts in the clinical trial. In that treatment phase she’d get one shot a month, for 18 months. When we heard that she’d be well enough to travel during that time we got very excited and have already started thinking about where to go. It’s been almost 6 months since we’ve been able to do anything.

The wedding planning is going well and we hired a planner to help with the final stages of things. While we’re not rushing the days (for a number of obvious reasons) we’re also looking forward to the 22nd of June. I can already predict that I’m going to lose it when I see her walking down the aisle. She’s going to be such a vision of beauty. 🙂


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