Posted by: Ken Wheatley | June 4, 2008

The Stick

Sheila got her CAT scan yesterday without any problems. Yeah!

Today she’s trying to get the PET scan done. It was supposed to be started at 10:30am, but they’ve had a heck of a time getting a needle in her in order to inject the isotope – her veins keep collapsing. They’ve tried about 6 times and it’s now 2pm and no luck. One of the times the blood actually clotted in the syringe when they were checking for flow. I didn’t think blood could clot that fast. But she’s switched to every other day on the Lovenox injection (to prevent clots), so that may not have been a good thing. She was just getting tired of injecting herself in the stomach everyday.

We’re waiting for the supervisor, Raul, to arrive from another facility and they said that would be around now. If he’s unable to get it started then we’ll have to go to the cancer center in LaJolla to get them to do it and then drive back to Sorrento Valley where the machine is located.

Of course, we’re hopeful that Raul will be able to get it done. Once he gets that started, then they inject the isotope, we wait I think it’s 45 minutes and then she goes into the machine which also takes about 45 minutes to complete the scan.

She’s not been allowed to eat anything since last night, so she’s REALLY hungry.

Well, while I was writing this Raul showed up. He’s in there now giving it a shot. Hopefully he’ll be successful.


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