Posted by: Ken Wheatley | June 6, 2008

The Stick 2

Well, Raul had one shot and mercifully, he did it. When he came out of the room with a relieved look on his face it reminded me of the hold-your-breath feeling you have awaiting the birth of your child. The tension leading up to that moment was palpable.

After he injected the isotope Sheila was able to sleep for 45 minutes while the nuclear material sought out any remaining active tumors. Hopefully it didn’t have any to find.

Then another 45 minutes in the machine and we finally got out of there, four and a half hours later than expected. But it’s over for now.

She’s bruised on both arms in a number of spots, but other than that she’s in good spirits today. It must be a relief to know that you’re not going to be poked and prodded for a few weeks. Other than the big appointment on Monday, we’ll get a break from hospitals and doctors for a month or so.

We’re planning on going to Florida for a week, if possible, in July. She’s never been to the Keys, so we’ll visit my daughter in Ft. Lauderdale, and then head south to Key West. No set itinerary. Just stopping when and were we feel like. It’ll be great.

I love you, Sheila…. 


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