Posted by: Ken Wheatley | June 30, 2008

The Wedding 6-22-08

The wedding was fantastic. Sheila looked absolutely beautiful. Her hair and especially her dress, were stunning.

I’ll never forget the look on her face when she first appeared at the top of the stairs. Her eyes were “frantically” searching for me and it looked like she was on the verge of crying her eyes out at the same time. I just wanted to run back and kiss her. I started crying when I saw her. A lot of pent-up emotion in both of us. This has been a long time coming.

It was unusually hot, so that was the only unfortunate part. Should make for some “interesting” photos. I’m sure I’ll be explaining for years that the river of sweat on us was not from nerves.

The view from The Thursday Club was spectacular. The marine layer pretty much burned off, so we had an excellent view up and down the coast. Lots of people liked that.

It looked like everyone showed up, which was very nice. It was especially great having Tammy, my daughter, there. I miss seeing her, so it was really nice having her around for almost a week. And one of my sister’s, Sybie, also flew out. It was good seeing her as well. It’s been a few years. 

Sybie was the hit of the event with many of the single guys. Most people apparently didn’t know that I have siblings and she’s very attractive, so they kept her busy.

Our photographer, Garrett, gave us an 11×14 photo from our engagement session as a present, so many signed the matting. We’re going to have that framed, of course, and put it up in the house. He also took an incredible photo of our bears at sunset. It’s one of the nicest photos I’ve ever seen. We can’t wait to see the finished photo deck. It should be quite nice.

We danced until 9pm or so – including a father/daughter dance to Barry White (of course!) and then headed to The Lodge in Torrey Pines. We stayed in room 425 overlooking the golf course and ocean. Very nice.

I love being with Sheila and it’s wonderful to have the ring on everyday.



  1. sheila looked fantastic! what a beautiful bride.

    we are so happy for the two of you…we coudn’t stop smiling all afternoon.

    thanks for letting us share this very special day with you. wishing you many, many years of love, joy, and happiness.

    Barry & Annie

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