Posted by: Ken Wheatley | October 16, 2008

The Latest News

Saturday, we had dinner at our home with Steve and a friend of his. After they left, Sheila and I watched a movie – “Gone Baby Gone.” It was around midnight when we decided to call it a night.

For about a week, Sheila has been fighting an infection in her hand. One of the side effects of one of the trial drugs is to really dry out her skin. And it’s a particular problem with her fingers. She’s described the pain as how it feels when you (accidently) hit your fingers with a hammer. Plus her white blood cell count was low last week.

By Saturday night, the palm of her hand and some of her fingers were turning yellow and she couldn’t close her fingers. She called the on-call oncologist and described what was going on. He was concerned that necrosis could be setting in, so he wanted her to go to the ER.

So even though we were craving to go to sleep, we headed to the hospital and got there around 1 am. I won’t go into the details of the next three hours, but we finally got home around 4:30am. Her thumb was numb and swathed in cotton and gauze.

The next day Dr. B called to tell Sheila that the ER doc gave her the “wrong” antibiotic. Wrong in the sense that it can cause a drop in her white blood count – clearly not something Sheila needed to have happen. So Dr. B changed the prescription.

Sheila still has to wear bandages on her thumbs because of the pain, but the jaundice is gone and the swelling of her fingers is almost gone.

Yesterday she developed a viral infection, so today they put her on another antibiotic for that.

Dr. B said last week that if this cycle continues (of viral and bacterial infections) that they may have to take her off one of the trial drugs. Of course, we’re hoping that won’t happen. The hair loss seems to have slowed and the rashes have decreased. So that should be a good sign.

Her next CAT scan is the 3rd, and we’ll get the results on the 5th. Although the last couple of times Dr. B has called sooner with the results.


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