Posted by: Ken Wheatley | October 23, 2008

Hats + Lips

On Saturday night I was doing some filing in my home office and Sheila walked by on her way from the bedroom. She was in her pj’s, but she had a wool hat pulled down over her ears.

I asked if she was cold, and she silently shook her head no. And then she started to cry. I got up and asked her what was wrong. With a bowed head, she whispered that she wanted to look pretty for me. We sat on the bench in the hall and held each other.

I couldn’t have loved her more than I did at that moment. Those big blue eyes of hers, wet with tears, just staring back at me. It’s times like that that crush my heart. I want this to be over for her. I want her to be cancer-free and pain-free.

She’s been losing more of her hair, and it’s really bothering her. We find hair everywhere. But it’s not to the point that most people would notice. It is thinner than it’s ever been. We keep thinking it’ll slow or stop, but it just continues, like a very slowly, persistent, annoying dripping faucet. But she’s still incredibly beautiful.

She’s sitting on the couch right now watching a Seinfeld rerun and doing something on her computer. It’s warm in the room, so she’s just got a blanket wrapped around her midsection. Very sexy shoulders. 🙂 Her hair is just long enough to put in a ponytail, so I can see her right ear and her long sensuous neck. She is so beautiful. I love her profile…..

I digress…a little distracted by her sitting there….

So over the weekend while we were at the mall, Sheila wanted to shop for hats. We didn’t find anything she liked, so for now I guess she’ll stick with ballcaps. Now that I know what she’s looking for, I’ll keep my eyes open. If any of you know of good hat websites, let me know.

Her lips have finally healed, so we’ve been able to kiss for the first time in too long!! Yeah!!! It’s certainly helped both of our attitudes. She’s been much happier this week, even though her infusion yesterday was a bit painful. But she’s got an amazing resilience. It’s so good to hear her laughing and being silly again.  

The best times are the times we get to spend together.


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