Posted by: Ken Wheatley | November 7, 2008

Continued good news

Well, it seems that the results from the first CAT scan after Sheila started with the drug trial wasn’t a fluke. She had the second scan on Monday and we met with Dr. B yesterday and found out that the main tumor – the one in her left lung – was down to 7mm. In July it was 15mm. So that is very good news.

She’s still having pain in the lymph node in her neck, so Dr. B is scheduling a neck CAT scan to see what might be the problem. She doesn’t think it’s related to the tumor, but for our peace of mind, we’re going to be sure.

Sheila’s hair is still thinning, but Dr. B said that she won’t lose all her hair. Right now it looks fine, but I know it still bothers Sheila. She got hair clips, or extensions to fill-in the sparse areas from a friend of Bunny’s, but Sheila has to practice putting them in. 

We’re relieved, for sure. When Peter, the research associate, walked into the exam room I guess our tension was written all over our face because he blurted out, “The test results are fine!” Normally Dr. B tells us the results, but Peter said that we looked really stressed so he wanted to get that out quickly so we could relax.

I hate walking around with that knot in my stomach. Of course, it only gets worse as the time draws closer for each test and each results meeting.

But at least we have each other to go through it. I see many people coming to the appointments alone. Some have wedding bands on, so I can’t help wonder where their other half is. I couldn’t fathom letting Sheila go through this by herself. Nothing is more important than being with her. It helps me to be with her as well. I would be too distracted if I went to work while she was at an appointment. And my heart would ache too much anyway, so it’s better for both of us to be together as much as possible.


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