Posted by: Ken Wheatley | November 26, 2008


Sheila had the neck CT last week to find out what’s causing the pain and apparently she has a lesion on her thyroid. Not sure how that happened and whether it’s connected to the drugs she’s taking, but she had an ultrasound yesterday and will have some (more) blood tests taken next week.

It was a stressful time last week because we didn’t hear back from Dr. B or her assistant and kept leaving messages. Sometimes I wonder if they are aware of the added stress they impose on people. Ironically, they have her doing biofeedback at Scripps to reduce her stress and the impact it has on the tumors, but then they leave us hanging for three days waiting on test results.

Sometime over the weekend I was working in my home office, which is at one end of the house, and Sheila was in the kitchen working on her computer downloading some iTunes.  After awhile I could hear her singing to a Prince song. I quietly crept down the hall (although I didn’t have to be too quiet because she had the music up pretty loud) and peered around the corner. I immediately wished I had my video camera. This was a Kodak moment. There was Sheila in her jammies and socks dancing and singing to “Rasberry Parade.”

Of course, she didn’t know that I watching, so it was very satisfying to see Sheila “unplugged.” 🙂 It’s the happiest I’ve seen her in a long time, and it made me feel really good inside.

Although she still tires easily and goes to bed much earlier than normal, overall she’s been very up. Very happy. Laughing more and being more giddy. Right now, things are almost like they were before December 2007.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. I’m certainly very thankful to have Sheila and my beautiful daughter, Tammy.


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