Posted by: Ken Wheatley | December 6, 2008


Today we met with Dr. Oh, an endocrinologist. We thought we were only there for a consult and you should have seen the look on Sheila’s face when the nurse came into the room and said, “okay, we’re moving to the next room to prep you for the procedure.” Surprise and shock would be an understatement.
So we moved next door and met with Dr. Oh and another doctor. We talked about the nodules (two of them), the cyst, and the statistics (only 5 percent of nodules turn out to be cancerous). So we were given the option of waiting for a few months to see what happens, or go ahead and test them now.
Sheila and I talked about it briefly and decided that for our peace of mind it would be best to find out sooner.
So they numbed her neck with a cold spray, and using ultrasound to pinpoint where they needed to insert the needle, proceeded to take about 4 samples. That required 4 needle insertions.
Fortunately, Sheila didn’t feel anything beyond some mild pressure. The spray they use to numb the skin is good stuff! Sheila commented that she wished they would use it in the infusion center when they try to insert the IVs, which are usually problematic and painful. A bad combination.
So now we wait. Again. For results. We should know something by the middle of next week. Odds are it’s nothing. But at least we’ll be sure.
Tonight was her staff holiday party. We ate Italian in Tierrasanta. Everyone seemed to have a very good time.
It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a year since this all started.


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