Posted by: Ken Wheatley | February 20, 2009


Thanks to those who have called or written during my absence. I was surprised to see that I haven’t been “around” since early December.  It’s been a mixed couple of months.

Sheila and I took a 7 day liveaboard sailing certification course in San Diego at the end of December. We wanted to become certified to bareboat in the Caribbean and despite rough, cold weather we passed all three levels.

In the process I fell off the boat onto the dock the next to the last day and screwed-up my right hand and then fell on the boat the next day messing up my knee. Both remain problematic.

We took a 4 day cruise with Steve and Joanie down to Cabo for New Year and that was very nice.

Then I ended-up in the hospital for two days in January after the doctors thought I had a heart attack. Never did find out what the problem was. Probably stress.

And we just returned from 4 days in Denver visiting Bobbi and Mick, as well as Sheila’s niece, Stephanie. Sheila actually skiied for half a day! We didn’t think she’d have the stamina to do it, but she not only did several runs, but didn’t feel any aches or pains the next day.

She had another ultrasound today to check the progess of the growths on her thyroid and tomorrow she has her regular CT scan to check the status of the tumors in her lung.

Dr. B told her a couple of weeks ago that she’s projecting the effective window of the current cocktail of drugs to last about two years, based on how others are doing in the trial.

As if dealing with Sheila’s condition isn’t enough, Sony is reducing staff by about 1000 employees out of the 6000 currently in the U.S. So they offered me (and 1199 other employees) an early retirement package. Of course the package wouldn’t allow me to actually retire. And not unexpectedly, it’s resulted in some painful/touchy conversations with Sheila about our “future.” Contemplating/planning/discussing retirement with the real possibility that she won’t be around is too much to deal with at times. 

It doesn’t seem real. Unlike last year, she’s outwardly fine. There are moments of poor reactions to the various drugs she’s taking but overall, she’s “normal.”

Last Saturday we were getting ready to go out, and she had a very bad reaction to an antibiotic she’s taking and went from laughing one moment to being violently ill the next. But amazingly, within a half hour she was smiling again. I looked upon her with disbelief. How does she keep it together. She’s an incredible woman. Truly unique.

So while we deliberate the decision about the Sony package, we press on with her tests.


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