Posted by: Ken Wheatley | February 28, 2009

Tough Week

It’s been some time since Sheila has had a week like this one. She’s been sick, tired, and crying. There’s a general sadness that hangs over us now. It’ll pass like it normally does, but it’s lingering longer than usual.

Wednesday I found her crying at the computer. She was looking at posts by other patients who are being treated with the same trial drugs that she was and some of them have lasted more than a year on the drugs. Some even two years. She was crying because she only lasted 8 months.

Later she was on the couch crying and I asked what was wrong. She looked at me with the most heart melting puppy dog look and said, “I’m scared.”

Thursday was infusion day and compared to other treatment days, it was a short one. And she was only “stuck” three times to get the IV started. She’s scheduled to get her port surgically inserted on March 10, so that should solve the problem of multiple IV attempts.

During the infusion however, she started to get terrible lower back pain and it progressively got worse. By the time we got home she could barely walk and she was in a lot of pain. She had to take the pain pills that she’s been avoiding (because they knock her out), but the pain was intolerable.

I got her out of her work clothes into something more comfortable. She likes to wear my teeshirts and sweatshirts, so I surprised her and got my Secret Service teeshirt and my navy blue sweatshirt. Even though she was hurting, she got a big smile on her face when she saw what I had brought out.

I got the heat pad out, set her up on the couch and she went to sleep.

The pain persists and after talking with Dr. B today she’s concerned that the tumors are back on Sheila’s spine and possible compressing her discs. So we have to go to the hospital tomorrow for an MRI of Sheila’s spine. We had one done awhile back and it takes about an hour and a half to two hours in the machine. Not exactly how we were planning on spending our Saturday.

Sheila got her will and trust out yesterday. She hasn’t updated it in a year or so and under the circumstances feels the need to get her papers in order. It really shook me up to see the papers out, realizing what she’s thinking.

It’s 11:40pm and she’s asleep on the couch. Heat pad fired up, Jay Leno’s on, and her pain pills are working away.


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