Posted by: Ken Wheatley | March 5, 2009

Better Day

The day didn’t start out much better than yesterday, but it ended much better.

I think part of it is the pain meds. They make her lethargic and sluggish. But she came home feeling better. She can swallow without pain, so that was a big improvement over yesterday. And the pain in her spine has subsided. She still has chest pains and she’s woken up two days with a bad headache, but at least she’s improving.

Tomorrow afternoon is her bone scan. It’s needed to close-out the trial drug records and the results will also be used for her evaluation to start chemo in two weeks.

Next Tuesday morning she gets the port installed in her chest. We haven’t talked about it, but I heard her mention to Norma, one of her sisters, that she’s going to feel weird having this foreign object in her chest. Hopefully it won’t bother her too much.

Saturday is the Lungevity 5k walk in San Diego, so a group of us will be walking with Sheila. Starts at 8am.


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