Posted by: Ken Wheatley | March 10, 2009

Up and Down

We had a really good weekend. The Lungevity 5k walk was Sunday and Sheila had about 18 people show up to walk with us. There were about 1500 people total. After the walk, about 14 of us went to Pizza Nova for lunch. Very nice day.

Sheila’s been tired a lot and even though she’s cut back on the pain pills, she can’t go too many days with taking them. The pain gets to be too much. 

We saw Dr. B today and the check-up went fine. Peter called Sheila later to tell her that she wasn’t selected for the chemo combination we were hoping for. It was a randomized process and we knew going in that she had a 50-50 chance of getting picked. So for now, she’ll be getting the normal standard of treatment – Taxotere. Certainly better than nothing.

Sheila isn’t too happy about the outcome. She was hoping to get the dual drugs. Can’t seem to catch a break.

The port surgery was delayed until Thursday. Someone we both got the date wrong in our calendars.

She has an appointment next week with an ear, nose and throat doctor at Scripps (the ones at UCSD are booked almost two months out) to hopefully get some answers about the constant pain in her left ear.



  1. Stay strong.. and please give my warm wishes to Sheila.

    You two are in my prayers.

  2. Thanks, Aya…

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