Posted by: Ken Wheatley | March 16, 2009

ER Part 2

We left the hospital around midnight and at 12:15am Sheila’s phone rang. It was the emergency room telling us that we needed to turn around and come back to the hospital. When Sheila asked why, the doctor that had just come on duty said that there may have been a mistake in the interpretation of the CAT scan and the blood clot in her neck.

He said that they (interventional radiology (IR) and oncology) were still deliberating, so rather than drive back we agreed to just pull over until they had made up their mind whether we did need to come back. We parked alongside Miramar Road and waited.

The doctor called back 25 minutes later and said that they were still undecided and would prefer that we waited for the “gray haired doctors” to evaluate their assessment in the morning. So he thought it would be okay for us to go home and just watch for any changes in her condition. If the pain worsened, or if she had trouble breathing, then we should head to the nearest ER.

So we got home around 1:30am and slept until 7.

Dr. B didn’t call until almost 4pm today. She said that after conferring with the IR people it does look like the clot is blocking both the internal jugular and one of the tributary veins.

We see Dr. B in the morning and then start the new round of chemo.



  1. ken , thank you. and thank you for loving my friend
    and “our” friend.

  2. this was the first time i was able to leave you a message.
    computer glitch? i dont know….onward

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