Posted by: Ken Wheatley | March 19, 2009

Day one of chemo-round 3


Sheila settling in for treatment

Sheila settling in for treatment

Sheila started the new round of chemo on Tuesday. She looks great – all things considered – doesn’t she?

She’s really taken to her hats. At first she wasn’t to enamored, but now I can’t get her to take them off! 🙂 

The white patch on her chest is protecting the port that was put in last Thursday. 

You probably can’t see it, but her neck is swollen on her right side from the blood clot in her jugular vein. Sheila had an ultrasound later that day to determine how far it might have extended down into her chest or arm, but the good news is that it’s contained in her neck. And as of today, the swelling has gone down. Dr. B said that it will take about three months for it to dissolve.

She had an MRI of her jaw last night to determine if she was having any side effects from the Tarceva, but today we found out that the bone is okay, so something else is causing the pain. But at least that’s good news.

The fatigue started yesterday and she had to lay down at work later in the day. Her sister Karen drove her home to the MRI, brought her home and then picked her up this morning to take her to work. Very nice.

Tonight Sheila was able to drive home and she’s been relaxing on the couch. We fixed dinner together – chicken burritos.

I’m taking tomorrow off to cut the field before the rain comes this weekend. But mainly I need a break – it’s been a stressful few weeks.


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