Posted by: Ken Wheatley | March 21, 2009

ER – Part 3

This post spans the 20th and 21st:

Sheila was brought to the emergency room this afternoon by one of her employees because she was having increasing trouble breathing and talking and was fatigued to the point that she was having trouble walking.

When she came home last night she was having trouble breathing and talking, but we thought it was “just” a side effect of the new chemo drugs. Apparently not.

I was at home cutting the field and weeding around the fruit trees when I got the call.

She’s had a chest X-ray, which was negative, so it’s not pneumonia. And her blood work came back normal. So they took her for a chest CT to see if it’s a PE (pulmonary embolism), and she just got back from that. Dr. Guy Bizek is treating her.

We’ve made these trips so often that we always come prepared. I grabbed her computer and headset when I ran out of the house, so she’s watching a movie (“The Castle” with Robert Redford) while we wait. It’s currently 7:25pm and Sheila’s been in the ER since 3pm.

It’s now 8:45pm. They’ve ruled out pneumonia and the doctor is pretty sure that she doesn’t have a PE. So they sent her for an ultrasound of her neck.

It’s now 5:21pm on Saturday, the 21st.

Well, the “final” outcome was that the ultrasound didn’t provide any additional information. So the doctor said they didn’t know what was wrong, but whatever “it” is, it doesn’t appear to be life threatening, so they released her at 9:30pm.

We stopped at Chin’s on the way home as neither of us had eaten much all day.

Sheila slept almost 10 hours and is still dealing with being breathless and fatigued. The fatigue is part of the chemo, we know that. But the rest is a mystery. She’ll see Dr. B on Tuesday as part of her weekly check-in, so maybe they’ll have a better idea then.


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