Posted by: Ken Wheatley | March 26, 2009

Some Answers

We saw Dr. B on Tuesday and she ran some more tests. That night we found out that Sheila’s white blood cell count and neutrofil levels are very low, so that would cause the breathing problems.

Sheila’s had to go in everyday for a shot to stimulate her bone marrow to produce more wb cells. She’ll have to go in everyday, including the weekend, until her numbers come up and hopefully in time for her to get her next chemo treatment.

We went through this last year, so we’re not too concerned. In the meantime, she has to avoid salads and crowds so that she doesn’t get sick. With a compromised immune system she would not be able to fight the infection(s).

But my tough one should be able to rebound in time. We were both relieved to finally have an answer, and she’s improved already.


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