Posted by: Ken Wheatley | April 3, 2009

Wig shopping

I was hoping we’d never get to this point, but Sheila’s hair continues to come out and the inevitable is upon us. It’s a daily point of discussion and tears, so tomorrow we’re going to visit some places that Buni told us about.

I think we can delay the “haircut” – her’s and mine – for a week or so.

She’s still very beautiful to me no matter what. It’s her great blue eyes and mischievous smile that I’m drawn to. And her wonderful hugs. Yes, her hair is beautiful and we’ll miss it, but it’ll grow back at some point. This isn’t a permanent loss.

But the daily loss of hair is a constant reminder of what she’s dealing with, so it’s a loss on many levels.

I’m glad “ER” is over. As much as we enjoy the show, under the circumstances I’m glad that we won’t be sitting on the couch every Thursday wallowing in a show about people with cancer and other life threatening problems. Too close to home.



  1. Loss of hair is tramatic however the one consolation is it all comes back, mine did. I underwent chemo for lung cancer last year and lost mine. I got a wig right away and no one knew the difference. Wigs have come a long way.
    Six months into remission and counting. There is HOPE.

  2. Thanks Rhonda. We tend to focus on the loss thinking that it’ll be permanent and not realizing that the hair should come back. It’ll just be awhile. Glad to hear that you’re in remission. What stage were you when you started out? We’ve only met one person who was in remission while he was on Tarceva.

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