Posted by: Ken Wheatley | April 7, 2009

Chemo postponed

We showed-up for the appointment with Dr. B this morning, and she told us that Sheila’s numbers – code for her wbc – were too low and therefore they couldn’t treat her today. Sheila didn’t get upset, which surprised me.

So they’re hoping that her bone marrow will be able to recover on its own and increase wbc output. They’re going to recheck her again on Friday and if her numbers aren’t up, then they’ll have to give her shots again, like they did last week, to stimulate the bone marrow. Dr. B said that they don’t like to do that normally because it’s a temporary fix and once they stop the injections the bone marrow will revert to its low output. And then the chemo will suppress it even further exposing Sheila to infections.

But Sheila can’t miss chemo next week because the outside limit is 4 weeks in-between treatments, and we’re currently at 3 weeks.


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