Posted by: Ken Wheatley | May 2, 2009

The quiet before…

It’s been a quiet few weeks. Other than dealing with Sheila’s hair loss – I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures of my fabulously beautiful sweetie. She does look good with the new look. But to me, she also looks beautiful without it. She’s gotten so many compliments on the color change that she’s tempted to dye her hair the same color when it grows back.

She’s still losing what’s left of her hair – especially the last few days – and at times she’s very self conscious around me at night when she’s taken the wig off, and it’s just us. At times she’ll put a beret on as she pads around in her jammies. I’ve told her several times that it doesn’t matter to me, but she still cares about her appearance for me nonetheless. She does like it – a lot – when I scratch and rub her scalp when we’re sitting on the couch watching television. 🙂

So the past few weeks have been pretty normal. We’ve been dealing with the things most people take for granted and it’s been a very nice change to fret over house stuff, work, or driving directions.

I had a conference in Palm Springs and Sheila was able to come with me, which was great. She mostly hung out in the room sleeping and getting caught-up on emails. Even though she’s been better than usual, she still gets tired a lot, but not to the point that it’s interfered with being able to do things together.

Before we left for PS I bought her a Garmin nav system. She’s wanted one for the longest time, so I thought I’d surprise her.  And that’s what the reference to driving directions is all about. Sometimes technology can be a pain. 🙂 But we made it there and back without too much of a meltdown. 🙂

Sheila had her CAT scan on Friday, and she’ll get the results on Tuesday from Dr. B,  just before her chemo treatment. Unfortunately I’m not going to be there for this one, and I’m not really happy about that. I tried to schedule my trip to Pittsburgh and NJ around her treatment schedule, but we’re off schedule now due to the wbc issue a few weeks ago. Steve is going to take her on Tuesday, but Sheila will call me as soon as she talks to Dr. B.

Once again we’re on pins and needles hoping that the news will be good and dreading the alternative. As much as you try not to have dark thoughts, we’ve been at this too long, with too many “surprises” not to “go there.” So we wait… and we hope.



  1. you write beautifully about our sheila and yourself.
    its as if i am there , a mere fly on the wall to witness
    such love….
    thank you for sharing your successes and struggles thru this difficult part of life..

  2. Thanks Mo…

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