Posted by: Ken Wheatley | May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

We went up to Temecula Valley on Saturday and toured about three wineries with some friends (Frank, Jeanie, Frank Sr, Maggie, Larry and Toni). Sheila enjoys tasting different wines (her favorites are “reds”), while I’m allergic to alcohol, so I’m always the designated driver, which is a perfect situation for both of us. We had a really great time. The weather was absolutely perfect and there was a great band/no crowds at one of the wineries.

On Sunday we headed downtown to meet Steve and Joni at Joni’s condo and then walked all over the Gaslamp looking for a place to have lunch. Come to think of it, this was the first time that Sheila was able to walk so much without getting winded!

We ended up at Sadaf’s, which is Persian food. Very good. Another perfect day in San Diego.

Tomorrow (Monday) I have to cut the field and sculpt the hedges. Sheila will tend to all the trees and the garden. Time to fertilize the trees. We actually have lots of oranges on all three of the citrus trees, the peach tree has fruit, limes are coming out, and even the Hass avocado has some tiny fruit. It so cool to see stuff growing like crazy.

Sometime tomorrow we have to go to the hospital for Sheila’s blood draw that has to be done the day before she gets chemo. We meet with Dr. B at 8am on Tuesday and then her chemo starts around 9am. We’ll see how that goes. Maybe having it that early for a change the wait won’t be quite so long. But we’re always prepared with our laptops and work papers.

It’s 2:10am on Sunday and for some reason we’re (relatively) wide awake and sitting at the kitchen table. Sheila has all sorts of papers spread out along with her Mac laptop, and I was getting caught up on Facebook, LinkedIn, work emails, reading, etc. But I’m getting tired finally, so time to hit the rack.

Sweet dreams my love….


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