Posted by: Ken Wheatley | May 27, 2009

Doing well

Sheila’s doing surprising well today. Normally the day after chemo she’s pretty wiped out, but not this time.

Dr. B was pretty cheery too. The meeting with her yesterday was pretty short. She was happy to not have anything negative to report. And the chemo procedure went the smoothest it’s ever gone. All the drugs were prepared in short order, and Sheila was seated in the infusion center within a few minutes of her appointment time. Very cool 🙂

A funny thing did happen today. She called me at work this afternoon and she was crying and sobbing so much I couldn’t make out what she was saying. At first I thought something bad had happened, but then I detected some giddiness mixed in with the crying/sobbing.

Earlier in the day she had dropped her Verizon phone and it broke in a strategic spot (don’t they always??) rendering the phone useless. She called to discuss what she should do. I knew that she’s always wanted an iPhone, so instead of going down the predictable path suggesting that she go to Verizon and replace the phone, I said, “it’s a sign, sweetie. Why don’t you go to AT&T and get that iPhone you’ve always wanted?” It didn’t take too much convincing.

I wish I could have recorded the afternoon call. Apple marketing would have loved to hear a customer crying and sobbing with joy. She was so excited she called me right after she stepped out of the Apple store. 🙂 It did my heart good to hear her. A bright spot in a sea of tumoil.


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