Posted by: Ken Wheatley | May 29, 2009

Rough week

Sheila’s struggling again, but that’s not entirely unexpected. Sometimes, although not often, she does well after chemo, but most of the time the side effects kick in a day or two after. So she’s been nauseous and very tired, along with some other effects that we won’t discuss here.

Last night she woke up at least 4 times. And the previous night she woke up at 4am and struggled to get back to sleep. So by this morning she looked pretty haggard. But she’s beautiful to me no matter how she looks. She just has that sweet, angelic-type face.

We’re glad the weekend is here, finally. More time together.



  1. Hey Guys,

    Sorry your feeling a little yucky my dear friend, maybe it is the weather too!

    She does have the face of an angel. A Caramia!

    I read when ever you post, love you both.


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