Posted by: Ken Wheatley | June 22, 2009


That word represents many things today.

We, Sheila and I, just returned from a week in Shanghai. I had to go as part of my responsibilities with the International Organization for Standardization, and fortunately Sheila was cleared to travel with me. She missed out on Beijing last year and didn’t want to pass up her first trip to the Orient.

Even though she left here fine, she was under the weather a couple of days into the trip – slight fever, bad cough, and pain in her chest. We managed to see a couple of sights on my limited time off, but even then she didn’t have much energy. Friday, our last full day, was probably her best day. We went to The Oriental Pearl TV tower – a 468 meter (1536 foot) building with a 360 degree observation deck that’s about 260 meters up. It has a bit of  a futurist minaret look to it. And very colorful.

Then our conference host took us to the Yu Garden that was built between 1559 and 1577. Well…we didn’t actually see the Garden, but we ate at a very famous restaurant just outside of it.

We got back on Saturday afternoon and have been adjusting to the 15 hour time difference. It’s now after 1 on Monday morning, and we’re both going strong. But we have to get to bed shortly because Sheila’s CAT scan is at 9am.

On Sunday we went to see the movie “Up” which was surprisingly “Down.” Because it’s a Pixar movie and rated PG-13, there were a lot of very young kids there, and several parts of the movie had them, and us, in tears.

We had intended to see the “Star Trek” movie but got held up in traffic and missed it, so “Up” was our second choice. Perhaps it was meant to be, given our circumstances. It’s about a couple who meet as kids, (not quite our story), get married and have dreams of far-off adventures, but the wife dies in old age not having fulfilled one of their main dreams.

Considering that we’ve been on a bit of our own adventure quest/bucket list, it was a poignant and at times, painful movie.

Sheila’s breathing sounds a bit like Darth Vader with a rasp. It’s a rather unnerving sound, actually. Never heard anything quite like it.

She’s lost more hair, the port site and tube look red/irritated, and the persistent cough all concern me very much. I’m glad she’s getting checked over the next two days.

By the way, it’s our wedding anniversary as of midnight. One year. Wow…

I gave her the first anniversary card at 12:01am, and I’ll give her the other one at dinner tonight. We’re hopefully going to Mr. A’s. She’s never been, so I’m looking forward to another adventure with her.

On Tuesday we’ll get the results of the CAT scan from Dr. B. and hopefully the next chemo treatment later that day.

Happy (1st) Anniversary, Darth…may there be at least 50 more…

Love you bunches…Ken


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