Posted by: Ken Wheatley | June 27, 2009


We didn’t get out of the ER until 9pm. They had to give her two IV’s of painkillers, but not before I had to lose it with the staff.

Sheila was in tears and practically hysterical because of the pain. I asked the doctor if he put the painkiller order in and he said that he had. His body language expressed a bit of surprise that she hadn’t received the medication.

I went back to her room and watched and waited, while Sheila continued to wail and cry uncontrollably. There was only one other patient in the ER at the time and there had to be 6 nurses and at least two doctors standing around talking and working on computers. Forty minutes had gone by since the doctor put the order in, and I finally went up to a nurse and asked how long it took for the pharmacy to deliver the medication. Incredibly the nurse said that the drugs didn’t come from the pharmacy, but from a cabinet in the ER and she pointed to one about 10 feet away.

Needless to say, I went nuts. I couldn’t believe they were being so callous and blatantly detached to the suffering of a patient. After I vented on the staff they were practically falling over themselves to get the IV set-up. Several of them apologized, profusely, to Sheila but the damage was done.

Sheila got sick, at least twice, on the medication. But eventually she responded and the pain eased.

They rescheduled her radiation session twice that day, but unfortunately we didn’t get there. So they’ll add another session on the back-end of her schedule.

The findings are that Sheila has pneumonia, again, in her left lung. Considering the blockage of her airway, it’s not a surprise. The junk in her lung is building up and has nowhere to go. So she’s coughing all the time.

And the chemo drugs have also affected the nerves in her intestines, so that’s what was causing the intense pain in her spinal area. So she has medication to deal with that.

They are treating her for the pneumonia and she’s back on schedule with the RT.

We’ve heard back from both USC and City of Hope, so Scripps and UCSD are compiling all the information to send to them so they can evaluate Sheila’s case. Hopefully we’ll get appointments for this coming week.

Last night was bad for her. A lot of coughing and discomfort. And when we finally got to sleep around 4 this morning, for some bizarre reason, the smoke detector system in the house went off. Twice. What a night….


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