Posted by: Ken Wheatley | June 29, 2009

City of Hope

Sheila had her radiation treatment this morning after a 40 minute delay due to calibration problems with the accelerator.

She’s coughing a bit less and has a bit more energy. So that was nice. Maybe the antibiotics have kicked in to attack the pneumonia.

The City of Hope hospital in Duarte, CA called this afternoon. They have a sudden opening tomorrow, so we’re headed up there to meet with the oncologist that Dr. B recommended. It’s hard not to get our hopes up that they’ll have a trial available that Sheila will qualify for.

On the drive home tonight I was thinking about how gun-shy I’ve become in approaching these appointments. It’s like a dog with a shock collar. You just don’t know when you’re going to get zapped. Fortunately, I haven’t developed a twitch. Yet.

Sheila on the other hand is quite excited about going. I guess I’m just very anxious for her. I so desperately want something to work well. And long term.

At least the name of the hospital sounds promising…



  1. Ken, thank you for keeping up your blog and letting us know how Sheila is doing.

    I am praying that Sheila is accepted into a trial at the City of Hope.

    God Bless you both and may God be with you and Sheila on this journey.

    Larry & Toni

  2. Best of luck my friend,

  3. Good luck!!

  4. Thanks for the note, Toni and Larry…

  5. Thanks for the note, Brian…

  6. Thanks Norma…have a good vacation…

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