Posted by: Ken Wheatley | July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009

It’s been a quiet couple of days, especially after what we dealt with earlier in the week.

The very big news is that Sheila sold her company on Wednesday. We were barred from talking about it during the negotiations, but we’re relieved that it’s a done deal. At least the daily stress that she’s been struggling with for many months is now over, for the most part, and we can look forward to her having some much needed downtime.

Her 14 employees are being retained by the new owner, and that was a big concern of Sheila’s so that too puts her mind at ease. I want to thank all of them for the incredible support and hard work they have given Sheila and the company all these years – especially the last year and a half. They’re a good bunch of people.

She’s going to work with them for 30 days as part of the sales agreement and then we’ll see what happens after that.

She’s been very tired since Thursday and sleeping a lot. But Dr. L told us to expect that. I think it was Thursday that she came home from work and within an hour was in bed for most of night. She’s still only been getting about three or four hours of sleep a night, so hopefully once the pneumonia is dealt with, she’ll be able to sleep better. Me too!

Today we went to Steve and Joni’s for a bbq. The weather, food, and of course company was perfect.

Sheila was able to sit-up with me to watch “The Punisher” movie, and then crashed. So hopefully she’ll sleep through the night.

Tomorrow she’s hoping to work in the garden. The strawberries are ready to be picked, as are some of the peaches. She gets so excited about all the stuff that’s growing.



  1. Hi Ken, my husband Allen and I also have a blog on wordpress. Allen has lung cancer as well. Its nice to read your blog being a spouse of someone with lung cancer as well. We will keep you and Sheila in our thoughts! hugs! Christi Ross

  2. damn it…….soooo sorry for all the crap you two are enduring with this……oh, for a real “magic wand” right now!!!!!

    ken, i must say that i am happy to hear of sheila selling the business…….and the transition seems ok for her…..hope so!
    please do not hesitate to call upon me…..ok?
    love you both dearly. monica

  3. Thanks for the comment, Christi. I’m sorry that you and Allen are going through the same challenging experience. And I’ll hope for the best for him as well. Take care, Ken

  4. Thanks Monica. Sheila does appreciate your phone calls. And she loves the necklace that you made her. She wears it quite a bit.

    And I have your phone number, so I edited it out of your message for your privacy.

    Take care,

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