Posted by: Ken Wheatley | July 8, 2009

ER 7/8/09

Sheila has been in a lot of pain since Sunday and unable to sleep more than two hours at a time. This morning she got very sick when she got up, but I gave her some Ginger Ale when she was done and seemed to settle her stomach. But the chest and side pains continued.

When we saw Dr. B on Tuesday she thought the pain could be a result of the radiation treatment. But it’s too high in her chest and too persistent. So about an hour ago Dr. B’s office told her to go to the ER because it could be a pulmonary embolism, again.

She’s there now, and I’m heading out to get her something to eat – she hasn’t been eating much recently and has lost about 6 pounds. But I keep “force” feeding her. Just stuff she usually likes. So she has a craving for a Submarina sandwich, so that’s where I’m heading.



  1. We love you both and are thinking about both of you.

  2. Ken,

    If you need anything tomorrow please call me. I am free all day, I can come out, I can come to the hospital, whatever….. and I mean it call me. me………….xoxoxo


  3. Thanks Cathy. As you can see from my post, they ultimately decided not to keep her in the hospital. But I don’t think you guys have seen each other in awhile, so you should make a point of trying to get together soon. She would like that. Please give her a call….


  4. Love you too, Norma. Thanks for the emails. Sheila’s right here with me and says “hi.”

  5. Hi to Sheila too. I am glad to hear you made it home. I know it is alittle scary, but I always feel more comfortable at home. Keep smiling

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