Posted by: Ken Wheatley | July 10, 2009

Heading to LA

Well, we’re on the train heading to LA and the USC Norris Cancer Center. We have an appointment this afternoon with the people who have reviewed Sheila’s case and find out whether or not there is a clinical trial available.

She’s still having a lot of chest pain despite taking some pretty heavy duty pain meds, and she’s been nauseous ever since she woke-up. Still not sleeping much, although she got about 5 hours straight two nights ago. Not coughing as much, which is a blessing considering how additionally painful that would be on top of the pneumonia and embolism.

Glad we decided to take the train. I think my driving stresses her out. 🙂 Actually, it stresses us both out!

So, other than having two twenty-year old giggling, childlike aspiring models (gee…they’re heading to LA, what a surprise) sitting behind us singing Brittney Spears songs, offkey, the trip has been very pleasant. My sincere thanks to Sony for their wonderful noise-canceling headset and Apple for my iPod.

Sheila’s dozing next to me in the aisle seat. She looks cute with her rainbow colored reading glasses perched on her nose. LA’s coming up soon…



  1. I am always available to take Sheila to an appointment, pick u guys up at the train station, etc. Take care, Kathleen

  2. Kathleen, that’s incredibly generous of you to offer. I know you have your own challenges going on in your life, and we’re very touched by your desire to help us. Thank you!

    (ps. I edited out your phone number being this is a public site and don’t want your privacy at risk.)

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