Posted by: Ken Wheatley | July 15, 2009


We arrived at the hotel about 45 minutes ago. It’s 1:20 in the morning on Thursday. Very long day.

We found a less expensive flight on US Airways that required a stop in Phoenix. But that’s okay. There’s a hotdog place called Jody Maroni’s that’s a must do pitstop every time we pass through the Phoenix airport. (They’re near gate A7).

The hotel attached to MD Anderson was booked, so we found a place about a mile and a half away that has a shuttle to the hospital. Looking out the window from the 22nd floor, as far as the eye can see, is one type of medical center or another.  Baylor College of Medicine is across the street from us.  And Texas Children’s Hospital is across from Baylor.  We can see MD Anderson not too far in the distance. I guess this is the medical version of Silicon Valley.

Sheila has been sleeping in the big chair in our bedroom the last few days. Too painful to laydown. Not sure what’s causing the pain at this point. They upped her pain meds, which have helped some. Applying heat  also seems to help. It’s weird sleeping in the same room, but not in bed together. Not something we’ve done since we’ve been together. Hopefully she’ll be able to sleep in the bed here.

We had a rough relationship bump the last couple of days, which is also a weird thing for us. I haven’t been pleased with how much she’s working, and because she’s been devoting her full attention to the new owner she doesn’t get the things done for herself that she needs to and the day is lost. Plus she has the energy to get through the day fine, but by the time she gets home she’s a physical wreck, throwing up, drawn, unable to eat, in terrible pain, and ready for bed. So I got upset last night because I was feeling that I’m regularly getting “stuck” with the bad part of the day, and the caregiving, while everyone else during the day gets the good parts of her. I don’t mind taking care of her at all. But we are unable to do very many things anymore and it seemed that her situation was being worsened unnecessarily, and some of the problems could be avoided by slowing down and paying better attention to her health. That is after all the main reason why she sold the business.

She stayed home today to finally make the calls that needed to be made to USC, Dr. B., MD Anderson, etc. and that helped us both.

So our appointment is in the afternoon. About 12 hours from now, actually. Fingers and toes crossed.


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