Posted by: Ken Wheatley | July 20, 2009

Wedding and Boating

On Saturday we went to Hallie and Tyrel’s wedding and reception and stayed until Sheila got too tired. The band was very good, as was the food – Mexican. It was the first wedding we’ve been to where Sheila wasn’t able to dance. But it was nice to see how happy the bride and groom were. Hallie was very happy that Sheila was able to make it. We wish them all the best of course.

On Sunday Nancy and Bill invited us to go boating with them, which was very nice, and a much needed break. It was a beautiful day. We cruised all over San Diego Bay, including the Coronado Cays. We stopped in the middle of the Bay, watched the jumping fish, and had lunch under Jim’s improvised umbrella. I still managed to get burned, though. It’s been awhile since we’ve been out like that.

After lunch Sheila ended-up hugging the rail as they say. She woke up with an upset, sore stomach and it hadn’t gotten any better. Of course she felt somewhat better after chumming for the flying fish.

Nancy and Jim offered to help take Sheila to appointments if I’m not available, so that was very nice of them. But not surprising. They’re good people. We enjoy their company very much.

We parted company and headed home around 2:30. Sheila slept a good part of the drive, although we did make a stop at Costco to get more fruits and veggies for her. When we got home she laid down again for awhile and slept on and off for the next few hours. She finally crashed for the night around 11. Her stomach is still quite sore without explanation, so she’s going to talk with Erin, Sheila’s case manager, to see if Sheila should see a specialist. Dr. B is on vacation this week.



  1. i am here as well for sheilas appointments!


  2. Thanks Mo…

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