Posted by: Ken Wheatley | July 24, 2009

ER 7-24-09 update

Well, they found a dosage of dilaud that renders her “painfree” for the first time in three weeks. The problem is it doesn’t last longer than about 2 hours, and it’s treating the symptoms rather than the source.

Their thought is that the tumor on her spine, located at L3, may be causing the problem. They don’t know for sure. So she underwent an hour and 45 minute spinal MRI. Hopefully we’ll get some feedback tonight on what they found.

Because they can’t control the pain without an IV they’ve checked her into the hospital, and she has an IV with a device that allows her to self-administer a dose of pain medication every 10 minutes.

Mary E. brought by a Jamba Juice for Sheila to have with her hospital pasta dinner, and a Submarina sandwich for me. I didn’t realize how hungry I was. That sure tasted good. Thanks Mary…

Sheila has a roommate, so unfortunately I won’t be able to spend the night. I don’t like leaving her here, but it’s for the best. Hopefully she’ll get a better night’s sleep than she’s been able to for awhile.

It is nice to see her smiling again. Hopefully they’ll find the root cause so we can fix it.


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