Posted by: Ken Wheatley | July 24, 2009

ER Friday 7-24-09

The non-stop, and increasing, pain in her lower back and stomach have finally become unbearable. I don’t know how she’s lasted this long with it. She cries a lot and it’s obvious from her face that she’s suffering. 

We didn’t get to bed until 1 this morning, and she was restless all night. In and out of bed. Her crying finally woke me up at 6am to find her huddled in the chair by the window. We tried a heat pad, fluids, and more pain meds but nothing was working. So after talking with Erin, the nurse case manager that works for Dr. B (she’s still on vacation and won’t be back until Monday)  they decided that she really needed to come into the ER. This particular problem has been going on for almost three weeks now, and we have to find the source.

The pain medications that worked at one point, Dialud and two forms of morphine, are no longer effective, and she can’t find any physical position that will relieve the pain. She’s wheezing and coughing again, so we’re also concerned that the blockage in her lung is back. But the immediate focus today is finding the pain source and relieving it.

They just wheeled her off to x-ray. They took blood earlier, and they’ll probably do a bone scan. It’s been a long time since the last one and in talking with Dr. B a couple of weeks ago, and Dr. Guluma (the er doc) this morning, it would seem prudent to do one in case the tumor on her spine is compressing the discs – which is what they suspected the last time we were in the ER.


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