Posted by: Ken Wheatley | July 25, 2009

Day 2 in the hospital

Sheila got more sleep than she has in awhile – about 5 hours straight – so spending the night in the hospital was good for that.

As of this morning they were still tweaking the dialud dose because her pain was outpacing the pain reliever. Unfortunately, even with the nausea medication, zofran, Sheila still barfed at least once last night and twice this morning. And this on an empty stomach. Ouch… 

In-between heaves she managed to utter “I really really hate barfing!” The pain meds, while relieving the pain, gave her a headache and made her sick in another way.

She hadn’t been able to eat since yesterday around 6pm, and really had no desire knowing what was probably going to happen. Plus she had to fast in order to have the CAT scan done, which was scheduled for 1pm.

She dropped off to sleep quite a bit, sometimes in the middle of a conversation. She looked really drugged out and beat down.

To reduce the nauseating effects of the dialud we started to space out the administration of the drug beyond 10 minutes and got it up to a half hour before she had to press the button and give herself another dose.

A few minutes after I left last night, of course, the doctor showed up to tell her that the spinal scan was “clean” meaning the tumors on her spine near her thorax and lower back were stable and hadn’t grown any. So spinal compression is not what’s causing the pain.

We were hoping to get the results of the CAT scan this afternoon, but when the nurse finally paged the doctor at 4:30pm – 4 and a half hours after Sheila had the scan – the response was that the doctor had gone home for the day and would review what the Resident had come up with and see Sheila sometime tomorrow, Sunday, to tell her what the results are. Don’t get me started on the health care rant, again.

She was finally able to eat solid food around 6pm. Jean showed up this afternoon with a collection of magazines and a dessert fiesta – mango popsicles and ice cream – so Sheila , Jean, and I had a treat of the popsicles. I brought the ice cream home so Sheila will have it when she comes home.

Steve and Joni dropped off home grown corn and japanese cucumbers. (I had one of the ears of corn tonight when I got home. OMG!!! The best ever!)

Sheila’s sister, Karen, stopped by this morning and brought some of Sheila’s favorite See’s candy which she’ll gladly eat when her stomach can handle it.

Mo came by and they looked at our Shanghai photos on Sheila’s computer.

Another sister, Kathy, came by last night after I left. She dropped off some crossword  puzzles.

So we wait some more and hope for news of what the pain source is, without it being “bad” news.



  1. Just hoping and praying for some good results.

  2. Thanks Beth…we seem to be doing a lot of that as well, with mixed results….but we can’t give up.

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