Posted by: Ken Wheatley | July 26, 2009

Day 3 Results (and a new photo of my sweetie)

Sheila had a rough night. More barfing, more nausea, and some backsliding on the pain relief. They gave her a different nausea medicine that made things much worse. It wasn’t until this morning around 9:30 that they discovered they should have been giving it to her more frequently. Duh!!!!!!!  So once they figured that out she got much better and the nausea greatly subsided. Poor thing had to suffer all night in the meantime. Damn it… 

The photo that I took of her, below, was this morning, before the drug correction. Even though she looks loopy in the photo she really is okay. And no matter what seems to be going on with her, she always has a smile for me. It really grabs my heart when she does that. I’m glad she’s happy with me.

The blue head scarf is Karen’s. Sheila’s head was getting cold at night and the ballcap wasn’t suitable for sleeping.

Thornton Hospital 7-26-09


An oncology doctor came in later in the morning and gave Sheila the results of the Saturday CAT scan. The good news is they think they found the pain source. The bad news is that it’s her liver. The pre-existing tumors have grown quite a bit apparently, and there are a bunch of new tumors on the liver. So that would explain why she’s in so much pain. 

There’s not much, other than chemo, that they can do for the tumors, so the focus right now will be pain management.



  1. Hi ken and shelia,

    Try Ketorolac for the pain – it was the only drug that worked for my husband – stage iv non-small cell lung cancer…


  2. Thanks Mary. That’s one we hadn’t heard of before, so we’ll mention it to the docs. I talked with Sheila tonight and she’s feeling much better than earlier today, so perhaps they’ve found the right dosage/frequency of the dialud. But we’ll keep the ketorolac in mind as well.

  3. ..And Mary, I meant to wish you and your husband well in his battle. I know firsthand how difficult it is for you to “standby” and see him go through it. Our thoughts are with you both…

  4. I am so glad to hear Shelia’s pain is under control – good pain management is essential…our thoughts are with you as well…take care.


  5. Thanks Mary….

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