Posted by: Ken Wheatley | July 28, 2009

Out of the hospital and off to USC Norris Medical Center

Sheila “survived” the IV weaning process and came home this afternoon. YEAH!!! Thanks to all the drugs she’s taking she’s finally pain free.


But the list of drugs she has to take, and the schedule she has to follow is a bit overwhelming and ridiculous. According to the printout they gave her to follow, she’ll be up every two hours popping one pill or another. We’re obviously going to do some adjustments. She clearly has to get her sleep too.

USC called this afternoon, and she starts the trial (NRX 194204) tomorrow morning at 8:45. Gosh, that was fast! They just got the final test results from UCSD yesterday. But hey, we’re not complaining.

We initially were going to drive up tonight, but I just got back from a quick turnaround trip to Washington DC, so I’ve been up since 4am pst and haven’t had much sleep in the past 4 days. So we’re both pretty tired and decided not to drive up to LA until the morning. We’ll have to leave around 6am, but we haven’t slept together for 4 days, and we need time at home, in our own bed, rather than a hotel.

Initially, we’ll have to go to LA every week for the next 4 weeks. And then it’ll be once a month after that. But at least she’ll be getting treatment for the tumors again, and we’re very excited about that. It’s been almost 3 months since she’s had chemo, so I hope that this trial does the trick and she responds to it for a very long time.

I also have to work on fattening her up, again. She’s lost about 8 pounds in the last month or so, and I need to put some meat back on those bones. 🙂 I see a lot of pasta in her future!

And thanks to everyone that visited and called Sheila. It really made a big difference to her. And to me. (Caylynn – that animated dog really cracks her up every time it laughs and rolls around on the bed. She said it sounds just like you! I included a photo she took of it, below. She named him “Chuck.” You’ll notice that he’s looking up reading what I just wrote to be sure I got it right.  🙂 )

He Laughs, He Rolls Around, and He Wags His Tail

He Laughs, He Rolls Around, and He Wags His Tail



  1. Hi Ken,

    Whenever you get a free moment (I know its far and few between) check into the American Cancer Society to get some kind of pay back for gas for the upcoming drives you’ll be making and sometimes they will also take care of any parking fees as well. My husband has been driving to and from Santa Monica from where we live in Ventura almost ever since his diagnosis last year for his treatments and it can really add up!! But the good care and treatment he is getting is definately worth it!! We will be thinking of you and Sheila.. oh! And for the weight which you might already know, I made sure Allen drank lots and lots of Ensures! I would also make him milkshakes at home and instead of adding milk, I would add the Ensure. He loved those! 3 Ensures a day can really make a difference. Take care!

  2. Hi Christi, I think you told me about the help available before from the ACS and I forgot. Thanks for the reminder.
    And they told us about the Ensure when Sheila was checking out of the hospital yesterday, so we’ll be getting those when we go to the grocery store this weekend.
    Tonight…is pasta night – shrimp scampi….
    Take care,

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