Posted by: Ken Wheatley | July 31, 2009

The Trial Starts

Sheila checked-out of the UCSD hospital on Tuesday afternoon and had a pretty good night. But it was a short one because we headed-up to USC at 5:45am.

All went well and Sheila was given the trial drug, which she took immediately. The pain on Tuesday was a “4” compared to the “8” to “10” she was feeling over the weekend, so she was anxious to get those pills working.

She slept a good part of the drive up and back – about a 5 hour roundtrip. All the drugs she’s taking is make her pretty tired and she was still slurring her words on Wednesday into Thursday.

The good news is that they’ve altered the protocol, so we don’t have to go up there every week, just every other week. But she of course will be taking pills everyday. The visit are just to run tests to make sure there are no adverse side effects to the trial drug.

She’s still pursuing MD Anderson because we don’t know how long the USC trial will run, and Sheila wants to be sure that she’s gotten everything done for MDA in case we have to switch to there on relative short notice.

The only slight setback so far was last night. She got pretty sick – bad pains and a slight fever. There are so many pills that she has to take, and we haven’t gotten a handle on the schedule yet, so she missed one of the pain pills and paid the price.

So she laid on the couch for awhile looking miserable and finally gave up and went to bed around 10. She was up and down throughout the night, but fortunately she’s better today/tonight. The pills aren’t keeping up with the pain – she’s back to a “4” -, especially on her lower spine, so we’ll have to do something to relieve that. She did talk with Dr. B’s office about starting Taxotere again, which is used to treat the tumors on her spine.

Hopefully we’ll get to work outside tomorrow. It’s been awhile and there’s lots to do.



  1. I’m just sitting in my office doing the routine, and it’s not important. So, if you need anything from me, just let me know. Please pass along hello to lovely Sheila.

  2. Steve, Sheila just called and said she got the flowers you and Kathy sent to the house. That was very nice of you both. Thank you for making her smile today.

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