Posted by: Ken Wheatley | August 3, 2009

ER Monday 8-3-09 am

Sheila’s been struggling for several days – increasing pain, swollen left ankle, fatigue, and slight fever. The pain medications aren’t keeping up with the pain any longer.

Despite all that she insisted in helping me with the yard work on Saturday. It’s been awhile since we’ve had the time to work outside, so it was overdue. But despite my protests, she insisted on at least sweeping and dragging the hedge clippings to the side of the property. It got too hot out and she finally (fortunately) gave in and went back inside. Giving up on normal activities has been just one of the many losses we’ve felt through this process.

Saturday afternoon we had to go the pharmacy in Ramona because the pain in her mid and lower spine was bad and the only thing that would ease the pain was a Lidocane patch. So I applied two patches to her back and in a few hours that helped ease the pain.

The bright spot was yesterday afternoon – “Thanksgiving in August” perhaps a new tradition we’ve started. I had ordered a smoked turkey from Texas and it was too big for the two of us, so we had Jean, Steve, and Joni over to help. Jean brought mac and cheese (excellent) and Steve and Joni brought mashed potatoes and dessert (lemon cake from Costco, our favorite).  It was a nice dinner. Good food and good friends.

They all left around 7:30 or so and Sheila wasn’t feeling too well. She laid on the couch with a heating pad resting on her right side – the location of the worse pain.

We went to bed around 11:30pm last night, and around 3:30 Sheila woke up in severe pain and having serious difficulty breathing. She sat up for awhile and it was only getting worse, so we headed to Thornton at 4:15 and have been in the ER since.

The chest x-ray came back clean – no pneumonia – so we’re waiting on the technician to have a chest CAT scan done. In the meantime they have her on a morphine IV and of course that’s eased the pain and has mildly sedated her. She’s in and out of consciousness, which is good. She needs the rest.

The doctor and nurse have been excellent. Probably the best we’ve had in the ER so far. Very attentive, very responsive to Sheila.

I was supposed to be hosting at the Sony booth at the National Bar Association conference this morning, but obviously that’s not going to happen.

We’re also scheduled to fly to Houston on Wednesday for the biopsy, blood tests, CAT scan, and meeting with Dr. Lee so that’s up in the air now too. We’re doing that as a back-up to the USC trial. We want all the testing completed so that if she has to switch she can do that faster. Right now we’re not sure if the trial drugs are doing anything. While it’s not been a full week yet since she started, there hasn’t been any discernable improvement in her situation.



  1. Sending huge, huge prayers for you both… Glad she’s in the right place to receive the care and meds she desperately needs. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too, Ken.

    Hugs, Patti

  2. Hi Ken,

    We are leaving tomorrow for Tuscany for 10 days. We will keep posted on your blog while we are gone. Give Sheila a big hug for me.

    Love you both
    Cathy & Joel

  3. Thanks Cathy. Hope you and Joel have a nice trip….

  4. Thanks Patti. Always appreciate your good thoughts and great hugs….

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